Social Networking Fool

posted 23 September 2009 in Family

I guess I’m just turning into a social networking fool. And interpret that almost any way you like — it probably still applies. This is quite a long way from my older phones-are-evil, don’t-talk-even-if-you-have-something-to-say mentality. [continue…]

Root Beer and Gandalf

posted 21 September 2009 in Family

My cat Couscous passed away a few years ago, and as a family we had been looking to find a new feline companion. Something to bother our dog, Sadie. A cat that was a little nicer to other people. (Couscous was definitely my cat, and would have little to do with anyone else.) [continue…]

Thoughts On Turning 50

posted 19 September 2009 in Family, Thoughts

Well, now that I’m 51 plus some months, I guess it’s time for me to reflect on turning 50. The first thing I realized is that I’m a procrastinator. The second thing I realized is that this is my second entry since I created this blog almost two years ago. [continue…]

God, Coins, the National Motto, and the Pledge of Allegiance (II)

posted 03 November 2007 in Politics, Religion

[This original for this was written in September 2002, a year after the tragedy of 11 September 2001. Events of the time prompted me to write about the mixing of church and state. This version is largely the same gist, but I have looked at it with a fresh eye.]

The collective wisdom of the founders of our country created a system of government that has helped to create the strongest nation of our time. A nation that is supposedly devoted to the ideal of equality and tolerance, in spite of the personal, sometimes intense, spiritual devotion of those same founders. [continue…]