Posts from September 2009

Eatliz – Violently Delicate

posted 27 September 2009 in Review

I just ran across a band by the name of Eatliz while cruising around on web space. Found them on Aniboom of all places. (How did we ever find anything before the Internet?) [continue…]

Social Networking Fool

posted 23 September 2009 in Family

I guess I’m just turning into a social networking fool. And interpret that almost any way you like — it probably still applies. This is quite a long way from my older phones-are-evil, don’t-talk-even-if-you-have-something-to-say mentality. [continue…]

Root Beer and Gandalf

posted 21 September 2009 in Family

My cat Couscous passed away a few years ago, and as a family we had been looking to find a new feline companion. Something to bother our dog, Sadie. A cat that was a little nicer to other people. (Couscous was definitely my cat, and would have little to do with anyone else.) [continue…]

Thoughts On Turning 50

posted 19 September 2009 in Family, Thoughts

Well, now that I’m 51 plus some months, I guess it’s time for me to reflect on turning 50. The first thing I realized is that I’m a procrastinator. The second thing I realized is that this is my second entry since I created this blog almost two years ago. [continue…]