I’m Not Just Voting For Biden

author: Brad Spear

posted 12 October 2020 in Politics

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I saw an inane “copy and paste” post floating around a couple of months ago on why some conservative was voting for Trump. I decided to rework each point to reflect the reasoning from a rational American viewpoint rather than a bigoted and partisan one.

I say this while recognizing that our country is a continual work-in-progress and many of the points below are still unfulfilled, that there are many more reasons than these for voting Trump out of office, and that many of these things are not purely in the hands of the president. The original post was not entirely about him either.

I’m not just voting for Biden,

  • I’m voting for the Constitution of the United States including all its amendments, and a president who will actually defend it.
  • I’m voting for the Supreme Court and the promotion of rational justice in that highest court, and against a hypocrite who said that Obama should not have a choice in selecting a candidate 8 months before the 2016 election (because it was too close) but who named a candidate less than 2 months before the 2020 election; a candidate who is likely to be confirmed by a similarly hypocritical Senate that withheld over 100 federal judicial seats from Obama.
  • I’m voting for the democratic republic in which we live, and against the fascist leanings of a want-to-be dictator who desires oaths of loyalty; oaths that are not to the United States, but to him personally.
  • I’m voting for the police, and law and order, and their judicious use when appropriate, and a president who will condemn those who commit unwarranted violence, whether they wear a police uniform or not.
  • I’m voting for the veterans who fought for this country and a president who believes that those who were captured, wounded, or killed have as much right to be honored and mourned as those who were not.
  • I’m voting for the flag as a symbol of the nation rather than just a prop in political propaganda rather than a symbol of the nation, and for the right of anyone to protest current policy by using that flag as the symbol of the nation.
  • I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be afraid of being censored, and not to be bullied by the president when rational opinions or facts are critical of him.
  • I’m voting for the separation of church and state and your right to practice your beliefs within the laws of the nation, regardless if you a practicing Christian, Jew, or Muslim and believe in the God of Abraham, or you follow Buddhism, Hinduism, or any number of other religious teachings, or you are an atheist and do not believe in a god.
  • I’m voting for those women who want to exercise control over their own bodies, without fear of intervention by a government imposing religiously-based doctrines on them.
  • I’m voting for true freedom, and for the right for everyone to pursue, within the context of modern ethics, their conception of the “American Dream” — without hindrance by people and a system that judges them by what they look like or who their parents are, rather than by what they do.
  • I’m voting for one nation, with rational laws based on sound evidence, and not to make one group’s religious beliefs the basis for laws that affect anyone who doesn’t believe in that particular faith.
  • I’m voting for good and against evil.

I’m not just voting for Biden and against Trump, I’m voting for the return of competency to the presidency, for the future of our country, and for the diversity that has helped make it great.


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