Root Beer and Gandalf

author: Brad Spear

posted 21 September 2009 in Family

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My cat Couscous passed away a few years ago, and as a family we had been looking to find a new feline companion. Something to bother our dog, Sadie. A cat that was a little nicer to other people. (Couscous was definitely my cat, and would have little to do with anyone else.)

I’d been hoping to find a mix that was fundamentally a Russian Blue, but I wasn’t looking very hard.

Root Beer and GandalfWell, we had a chance to “rescue” not one, but two balls of fur this summer, which we subsequently named Gandalf (yeah, real original for a gray cat) and Root Beer (generally black, but with that dark brown soda tint in the right light).

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat can tell you that the pussy-foot stereotype is not applicable to good ol’ thunder-paws. When these two take off on a tear, they sound like a herd of moose is in the hallway — not a pretty picture. Couscous could also raise a ruckus, but at least there was only one of her.

Gandalf is the more extroverted. He likes climbing all over people and is very vocal. And he makes an interesting little growl when he finds and is eating spare food on the floor; you have to be quick if you drop something in the kitchen. He once beat me to a dropped piece of the paper that separates pre-sliced cheese (good cheddar, not that “processed cheese food” stuff) and didn’t want to give it up. We had a “discussion” as to who was in charge, and the proper behavior towards things dropped on the floor. (I’m not one of those people who is owned by their pets. I am definitely in charge, though we will have our differences of opinion.)

Root Beer is more subdued, much like me. He would rather sit over by the open window or door than get some personal attention. Oh, he’s friendly enough and almost as vocal as Gandalf when the food bowl is being placed, but in general he’s more stand-offish and not as vocal most of the time.

They’re going to be making a visit to the veterinarian in the near future to take care of some business before they hit adult-hood. Couscous gave me the evil eye for a day or so after she had the operation, so I wonder how these two will react.


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