I’m Not Just Voting For Biden

posted 12 October 2020 in Religion and Politics

I saw an inane “copy and paste” post floating around a couple of months ago on why some conservative was voting for Trump. I decided to rework each point to reflect the reasoning from a rational American viewpoint rather than a bigoted and partisan one.


The first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton

posted 27 September 2016 in Religion and Politics

I’ve tried to avoid commenting too much on this election, and sorry if this essay is a little rambling, but I just watched the first “debate” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and it pretty much confirmed everything I’ve thought about Trump since he declared his candidacy. I’m no Hillary fan-boy, but OMG. [continue…]

Little Things

posted 03 October 2010 in Thoughts

We had an office potluck on Friday. Just a sort of autumn kind of social thing that happens in offices that haven’t become dry and impersonal. Not that I’ve ever had to deal with that. No. Of course not. [continue…]

Back To Work

posted 02 August 2010 in Thoughts

After 16 months as a lay-about, I’m finally employed once again, and completed my first day at the new job today. Before this, I had never been without a job for as much as one day in some 32 years. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and finally got caught in a company-wide layoff. [continue…]


posted 19 June 2010 in Poetry

Microscopic bubbles,
A fog upon the glass. [continue…]

Verse à la Burma-Shave

posted 16 April 2010 in Poetry

Several verses in the style of the old Burma-Shave roadside advertising signs. [continue…]

Simple Pleasure

posted 10 April 2010 in Poetry

Several haiku-adjacent verses about the simple things in my life.

An Open Letter To My Teen Children

posted 28 March 2010 in Thoughts

What is it about children that makes a father adore them? [continue…]

Final Respects

posted 01 March 2010 in Poetry

I sit alone by her hospital bed —
The others are gone, the prayers have been said —
And look for a time at her ancient face,
The lines writ by years; a facade of lace. [continue…]

The Hour of the Wolf

posted 26 January 2010 in Fiction

I wake to the dark. Twisting around to look at the clock on my nightstand, I slump back, knowing what the night holds in store, and just stare at the ceiling. A ceiling lit by the feeble green glow of the clock and the dim yellow street light that filters through the curtains and the cold Minnesota rain. A sickly, dreary light, entirely appropriate for the hour of the wolf. [continue…]